Featured: Printable Wisdom

With beautiful artwork and gorgeous photos, it’s no wonder Etsy shop Printable Wisdom is such a flying success.

Recently featured by Country Living the shop is gaining prominence both online and off as the shop prepares for its debut next month at the National Stationery show in New York.

Founded by Ashley Gardner with the help of her husband Daniel in the summer of 2012 the shop has been thriving ever since.

More excitingly they’ve recently teamed up with the international retailer Papyrus and currently have a small selection of greeting cards available through the stationery store for this coming Mother’s Day.

But with a thriving business underway Ashley has one more major milestone she’s been working towards…  as of May 26th it will be Dr Ashley Gardner, psychiatry resident!  Big congrats!

When asked how she’s managed both workloads (or will continue to manage it!) Ashley had this to say:  “I try to have multiple hats so when I’m at the hospital, I’m totally at the hospital and not thinking about Printable Wisdom (most of the time). When I’m at home or on the weekends, it’s all Printable Wisdom all the time. Now that my business has grown, my husband has come on as a co-owner and has started handling more of the day to day operations which has been a big help and has allowed us to dream big for our little business!”

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